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Customer Tesimonials

Disclaimer: The testimonials on the following pages are for informational purposes only and are not inteded to substitute from the advice or direction from your veterinarian. Furthermore, the testimonials on the following pages contain opinions expressed solely by users of Peak Performance Nutrients products. These testimonials are given without compensation to the actual users and are not the opinions of Peak Performance Nutrients, Inc.


Chanel owned by Julie N. of Ohio

"My appendix mare has suffered from several severe sinus and tooth problems since March of 2010. After a over a year passed, which included 4 surgeries and almost every medication you can try, I was justifiably frustrated. It seemed that the benign growth within her sinus cavity would not go away. I truly felt bad for her. A few of her symptoms included: enlarged lymph nodes, the worst smelling discharge imaginable and decreased energy."

"After listening to you at your training seminar, I decided to give Open Air a try. Her discharge was still noticeable, but no longer smelled. Her coat seemed shinier. Most importantly, her energy increased significantly. This past Wednesday, after three months on Open Air, Chanel had a scope at the vet's office. Not only did everyone at the office comment on how dramatically different she seemed externally, I should mention, her discharge is almost nonexistent. My vet even said that he can't explain what Open Air is doing, but that I shouldn't take her off it.

"I wanted to thank Peak Performance Nutrients for giving Chanel her life back. I am truly grateful for this wonderful product!"


Zagor’s War, Owned by Jerry Pinkowski and Trained by Cheryl Kolbrick

One of Arlington’s finest, Zagor’s War, owned by Jerry Pinkowski, was recently named one of the top money earners stabled at Arlington.

Cheryl Kolbrick, trainer of Zagor’s War, uses Peak Performance Nutrients Products and loves the way the products help Zagor's training regimine.

“Ever since I started using Peak Performance Nutrients’ products, my horses have been running great. I attribute a lot of this years success to these products and I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Photo courtesy of Jerry Pinkowski


Jeanie Hannen & Top Spinner

"I was initially attracted to Peak performance because it is additive-free. My event horse, Top Spinner, has extensive food allergies, and I had been struggling to find the supplements he needed without the fillers he was allergic to."

"When Top Spinner came to live with me he had been totally disabled by his allergies – he could not maintain his weight, and he suffered from heaves and anhidrosis, the inability to sweat. Not good symptoms for an upper level event horse! My first priority was to learn how to feed him according to his allergy profile – filler-free Peak Performance has been a major part of our success."

"To help the horse with his heaves I moved him out of the barn and into a dust-free field, did my best no to feed him anything he is allergic to, and supplemented him with Ester-C and Premium MSM. I was reluctant to try any of the herbal cough mixtures for fear that he would also be allergic to the exotic ingredients in the supplements. Top Spinner was able to return to work, but I did not feel confident that he breathed freely enough to gallop for the speeds and distances that eventing requires. I decided to “risk” a trial of Peak Performance’s Hemo Cease. Wow, what a difference!"

"Top Spinner’s first event was in Vermont over a long course with many steep hill climbs. He had the fastest time of the division and won the event! I am so thrilled – than you for the great products."

"Also, your recommendation to try Advance H.A. was a great one – I felt like I’d hit a plateau after using Adequan. I’m strongly recommending it to all of my clients and can show them my horse as proof. Pretty cool."



Janet Van Bebber, Trainer Tailor Fit - 2001 Horse of the Year

"Our stable performed well over 2001 but three key horses, Tailor Fit, Hez Not Too Shabby and War Colors had a history of acute tying up which hurt performance and kept them from lighting the board during stakes races. All three were put on Tie Free and then together won 7 stakes races and set 2 track records. I attribute their consistent performance to having Tie Free as a part of their diet."


Donna Lutter & Dewsie

"I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the Peak Performance products my husband and I started giving our 13-year-old Morgan/Quarter Horse, Dewsie. We started him on Joint Renew II for his left hind stifle and on Pro V.M. for the energy he needs to compete with. In our past combined driving events, Dewsie has never had the necessary energy to go the required distance and his intermittent lameness was a constant cause for concern. This year in March, we entered Dewsie in what we thought would be his last competition, not really expecting him to be able to go the required 13K. The possibility of elimination was always on my mind. What a surprise! Dewsie not only maintained the forward trot needed for the timed distances and hazards, he also showed absolutely no lameness. We were thrilled to step up to the plate after the 3rd phase to accept our 1st place ribbon and Best Overall award. I will always keep Dewsie on Peak Performance products as part of our conditioning and training program."


Chuck Sylvester, Owner & trainer

"Initially, we tested Joint Renew II on a few horses. The product worked so well that I put the entire barn on it. I have seen a continuous improvement in the overall soundness of my horses. I recommend Joint Renew II because it's pure and it works."



Patty Danley and Rushcreek Dee (+4,500 AERC Miles)

"I really appreciate the time Peak Performance has given to ensure the success of not only myself, but one of my clients. Our endurance horses work very hard, competing 800 to 1,000 miles or more each season. A program offering individual attention, meeting each horse’s needs is vital for our success.

I first tried Tie Free in 2002 as we prepared for a 275 mile endurance ride. This year I added BCAA Complex and I am most pleased with the results! Not only did we once again complete the five day, 275-miles at Ft. Stanton, New Mexico, but Ruchcreek Dee was awarded the most coveted Overall Best Condition award!"


Char Antuzzi and Galahad (BLM Mustang Stallion)

"My name is Char Antuzzi and I live in California. I am writing to you today to let you know how happy I am with your new product called Blitz!"

"First off, some background. I am a avid endurance rider and will be riding this weekend the Tevis Cup. A 100 mile in 24 hours ride across the Sierra Mountains and I plan on bringing some Blitz! along for that ride."

"I have always been a middle to the end of the pack rider. Meaning, most of my 50 mile endurance rides you would find me finishing towards the rear or the middle of the finishers with about 9 hour riding times. I have used other electrolytes in the past and have tried other supplements with the same results. We would finish our rides but always at the end of the pack. I had rode our last ride on June 11th, the Nastar 75. The following day, June 12th found me at the Sacramento Horse Expo, trying to walk away my stiffness. I found myself at your booth and was talking to a gentleman from your company. He convinced me to try the Blitz! I was skeptical, as I had heard every other dog and pony show speech from the other vendors at the expo. I looked at the ingredients and figured there was nothing that would hurt, so why not I thought. I would give it a try. I bought two tubes of Blitz! and took them home."

"On June 25th, 12 days after I brought home the two tubes of Blitz! I rode the NEDA 50 mile race. I pre-loaded my horse the night prior with one entire tube. Through out the ride I used another entire tube by giving small doses but often. All day long my horse felt so strong. We would come into the vet checks and he would get out of the vet holds much quicker. There was a noticeable difference. He was drinking more water throughout the day and was eating, like a horse! Not only did we fly through this ride with a happy, healthy horse, but we top 10'd! We came in 6th place and showed for Best Condition. I have never in my life seen such a drastic change in a horse."

"I was so impressed with your product that I talked my local feed store to carry this product from now on. The last time I was there I saw a case of it sitting on the counter, so they did in fact buy this product."

"I will continue to do what ever I can to promote this product. I really believe in it and I feel it has turned us around! I will give my horse Blitz! all through Tevis as well as the up coming Virginia City 100."


A Letter from Dr. Linda T. Pope:

"I wanted to let you know how well your product is working on my "Zippy." Zippy is a 26-year-old Pinto who is a schoolmaster in Dressage. Even with other supplements, this past winter, Zippy seemed to "lock up" more so than in the past."

"Enter Joint Renew II!!! It's been 10 days and his trots are smooth and his canters are effortless! I can tell he's happier and feels better. When I ask him to bend, even on the left, he simply glides right along. I can't wait to see how he does after two to three weeks."

"Thank you folks, I'm just a little old lady with my little old horse but your supplement has really made a difference."